42-day Postpartum Checkups

CB Femi’s Health has introduced a new postpartum check-up package targeting the 42-day mark, primarily examining the uterus, urethra, blood, hormones, and more to ensure the mother’s complete physical and mental recovery while also focusing on the baby’s health.

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42-day Postpartum Checkups​

Usually, the mother’s uterus takes about 42 days to recover after childbirth. To comprehensively assess the body’s recovery, we recommend postpartum mothers undergo a specialized checkup and follow the doctor’s guidance. The postpartum 42-day checkup mainly includes examinations of the uterus, urinary tract, blood, hormones, nervous system, and emotional aspects, as well as the investigation of any adverse symptoms that may affect the baby. Detecting abnormalities promptly and making improvements are crucial. Postpartum recovery is not merely about visible and tangible physiological restoration but also entails psychological well-being and the recovery of internal organs, which should not be overlooked.

Health Checkups

About 42-day Postpartum Checkups​​

Postpartum confinement, also known as “sitting the month,” is a practice aimed at helping new mothers gradually restore their physiological and hormonal changes during pregnancy to their pre-pregnancy state after childbirth. The checkups are conducted to assess the recovery status of the mother’s body after childbirth, enabling the timely detection of issues and preventing their development into long-term or chronic diseases.

The mother’s uterus typically takes around 42 days to recover after childbirth. To comprehensively evaluate the body’s recovery, we recommend that postpartum mothers undergo specialized health checkups around this time and follow the guidance of a medical professional.

During pregnancy, due to the continuous expansion of the fetus, a woman’s body undergoes numerous changes, both externally in terms of skin and body shape and internally affecting various organs. These changes gradually recover after childbirth, with some aspects visibly recovering and others requiring a professional examination for assessment. Timely identification of issues helps prevent the development of long-term, chronic diseases. Additionally, doctors provide guidance on postpartum nutrition and sexual activity, especially crucial for mothers who experienced pregnancy complications.

About 42-day postpartum checkups
What are the items examined during the 42-day postpartum checkups?

The main focus of the checkups includes: evaluating the uterus, urinary tract, breasts, blood, hormones, nervous system, emotional well-being, and other aspects. Also screens for any adverse symptoms that could affect the baby, allowing for prompt identification of abnormalities and necessary improvements. Postpartum recovery encompasses not only visible and palpable physiological changes but also mental health and the restoration of internal organs, all of which are equally important.

About 42-day postpartum checkups
Is it necessary to undergo the checkups exactly at 42 days?

The 42-day  postpartum checkups do not necessarily have to occur on the exact 42nd day. The recovery of the uterus typically takes around 4 to 6 weeks, so examinations between 42 to 56 days are acceptable. However, it’s crucial not to skip the postpartum checkups. The checkups determine the recovery status of the mother’s uterus, birth canal, and incision site, as well as the normalcy of breast milk secretion. It checks for any tender lumps, nipple fissures, and breastfeeding conditions, providing correct advice for infant feeding.




  1. 妊娠中期慎用
  2. 皮肤病患者不宜
  3. 酒醉、疲劳者不宜
  4. 月经期间不宜
  5. 忌艾灸时顺序颠倒
  1. 如果灼烧感很明显,不必强忍疼痛,应该及时告知,以免烫伤皮肤。

  2. 近期忌讳喝冷水,吃凉饭,这样做如同给艾灸撤火,不利于疾病的治疗。


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