Why Abdomen Tightening?

After delivery, many moms may notice that their weight might have dropped after exercise, but the belly area is still looking loose. In fact, the flabbiness of the abdomen is not all caused by gaining weight during pregnancy. Most moms experience varying degrees of separation of the rectus abdominis muscle during late pregnancy, resulting in a flabby, muscle-weak tummy that requires specific muscle training sessions to recover.

Regular exercises can not repair abdominal fine lines and sagging

Normal exercises can only achieve muscle tightening without improving the problem of sagging skin. This is because the skin is composed of epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue. When the abdomen is rapidly enlarged during pregnancy, the epidermis and dermis generally have enough elasticity to cooperate, but the subcutaneous tissue may not be able to keep up with the speed of skin expansion. If the collagen fibres contained in the subcutaneous tissues cannot withstand the expansion and break down, there will be hyperemesis and sagging. Although we can make the abdomen smaller through exercise, the skin tissue becomes loose and collapses due to the lack of elasticity from long-term stretching.

After muscle laxity is improved, skin laxity also needs to be repaired

By stimulating the subcutaneous area with professional instruments, collagen production can be stimulated and blood circulation in the abdomen can be increased to achieve a tightening and lifting effect, restoring the sagging skin to its original position. CB Femi’s Health offers two highly effective and professional treatments to help tighten the skin – Thermage & Darwin RF Tightening.

Our Treatments
Thermage emits a matrix of molecular energy waves that vibrate up to six million times per second, going straight to the root cause of wrinkles and tissue laxity, framing the stimulation and increasing the skin's own collagen, thus solving the problem of postpartum mothers' abdominal laxity caused by pregnancy.

The postpartum abdomen will become firmer with Thermage treatment, and the fat volume will be “compacted” by the tightening of the fibrous septum. With new collagen in the skin, skin that had lost its elasticity can be rejuvenated. Areas of particular laxity can be treated multiple times to tighten the contour.

Darwin RF Tightening
LUVO Darwin™️ is the latest anti-aging technology available in the medical aesthetics market and comes from the same family as WORLD PRP Serum Skin Resurfacing. Combining the techniques of spot scanning and positioning shot, this highly effective anti-aging treatment uses high-frequency electrical currents to act on the dermis, allowing molecules to rotate and generate heat to stimulate the heating and contraction of collagen fibres, regenerating and reorganizing collagen, as well as repairing damaged collagen to restore skin elasticity, fade scars, and increase lustre.

Collagen is a network structure that runs throughout the dermis, the subcutaneous fat layer, and the muscles. The collagen network deep in the dermis, at the junction of the dermis and fat layer, is the one that most directly affects the appearance of fullness and firmness of the skin. When collagen fibers break down in postpartum skin, Darwin RF Tightening penetrates the dermis and penetrates deep into the subcutaneous tissue to promote regeneration and enhance collagen quality.

What else can help restore body shape besides RF treatments?

It is indeed a difficult task to regain the former firm and smooth abdomen. In addition to exercises and radio frequency treatments, a nutritious and healthy diet, staying hydrated and getting good rests are equally important.

The process of abdominal recovery requires patience, and the speed of transition also depends on the size of the mother’s belly when she was pregnant, and whether she gained excessive weight during pregnancy. Moms who breastfeed after giving birth will recover faster if they have exercised properly during pregnancy. If you are not breastfeeding, you will need to control your fat intake and increase your dietary fibre in order to get back in shape faster.