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LI-ESWT therapy uses patented, low-intensity shock waves to restore blood flow, improve function, enhance pleasure, and support intimacy and relationships.

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Alma Duo Women Sexual Enhancement

We understand your sex life is not good when you find it hard to hold up or do not enjoy sex anymore. It’s no problem as Femi can help you improve your sex life. 

Several factors affect the female experience. Some are behavioral. These might include alcohol consumption, smoking, and nutrition. Some are psychological, for example, anxiety, depression, stress, and low self-esteem. Others are biological, such as hormones, vascular function, labour & delivery and aging. This is where Alma Duo™ can help.

Intimate Care
What changes occur in the vagina after childbirth?

In a natural birth, the baby is delivered through the vaginal, which means that the vagina is dilated to 10 cm (normal vaginal diameter is about 2.5 cm). After giving birth, the elasticity of the vaginal muscles decreases significantly.

Mothers who choose to have a cesarean section have their pelvic muscles and ligaments fully extended at the time of delivery to prepare the birth canal for the baby. So even if the baby is delivered through a C-Section procedure, the vagina will be lax as well.

Many people have the inherent impression that vaginal laxity affects their sexual life, but this is only one of the downsides. What are the other negative impacts of vaginal laxity for women?

According to statistics, 90% of postpartum women and 80% of women in their 30s have varying degrees of vaginal looseness, causing a lot of distress to women. Being psychologically suppressed for a long time can lead to emotional anxiety, endocrine disruption and premature aging symptoms.

Women in their 40s and 50s are usually prone to this condition. Due to bulging of the anterior vaginal wall, or bulging bladder, incontinence may be triggered when the bladder is full, or during laughing or shouting.

A loose vagina hides many folds in which germs, toxins, dead skin cells and uncleaned menstrual blood remain for years and years. This may lead to itching of the lower vagina, odorous and yellowish leucorrhea and cause recurrent vaginitis and cervicitis.

About Alma Duo
Alma Duo brings pleasure back to your life

When a woman struggles with intimacy, the effects can negatively affect stress levels, physical health, and even strain relationships with your partner. Alma Duo™ for Women restores a woman’s natural function to experience orgasm once again. Patented, focused, low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy (LI-ESWT) stimulates diminished blood flow, restores function, increases pleasure and supports sexual intimacy and a couples relationship itself.

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In women, Alma Duo uses shockwave energy to enhance blood flow in the vaginal tissues to increase sexual sensitivity and pleasure. Treatment is comfortable and painless, requires no needles or anesthetic, carried out by a trained practitioner, over the course of three weeks, and is applied to three specific areas – the left labia majora, right labia majora, and above-center.

Do you really need this?

Before treatment begins, your doctor will confirm that blood flow is the root cause and assess its severity. Having established there are no contraindications, treatment can go ahead.


The following FAQs address contraindicated matters as well as postpartum recovery and precautions that you may encounter after you have enjoyed your session with us. Please contact us if you have additional questions or need further assistance.

  1. Physical and psychological people in a very period of time can not operate
  2. Patients with epilepsy, severe diabetes and bleeding tendency cannot operate
  3. Serious heart disease, hypertension patients can not operate
  4. Scar body and treatment site skin infection can not be operated

Duo is designed to enhance performance and sensation, making it an exciting solution for boosting stamina and spontaneity. The results are also clinically validated to last up to one year. Alma Duo is an advantageous option for men and women of varying ages who wish to increase their sexual health.

Alma Duo™ treatment itself only takes about 15 minutes to complete. Your appointment will take a little longer so that you may discuss your symptoms and treatment plan with our laser technician.

No. There is absolutely no downtime after Alma Duo™, so you can resume regular daily activities immediately after treatment. Some people consider it a “lunchtime” procedure, since it can be squeezed in in less than an hour.

A series of 6 Alma Duo™ treatments – 2 per week for three consecutive weeks – is typically recommended to achieve optimal results.

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