Our Breast Care Treatments​
Mastitis/Breast Hyperplasia
Breast galactocele, also known as lactation, is caused by the accumulation of milk in the breast due to poor discharge of milk from the glandular lobe during lactation. Breast cysts are often detected by ultrasound or when moms touch the masses themselves and are often misdiagnosed as tumours. There are many causes of breast cysts, usually due to poor breast structure (mastopexy), inflammation, and tumour compression. CB Femi's Health special treatment sessions combine the technique and ultrasonic equipment to quickly solve the problems of excessive milk production, hard nodes and hyperplasia.
Accessory Breast/Lymph Node
There are two types of masses that tend to appear in the underarm area, most commonly lymph nodes and accessory breast. The lymph nodes are usually in a deeper area under the skin. You usually need to slide your hand firmly against the armpit to feel the presence and roll of the lymph nodes. An accessory breast is a part of the normal breast that has grown in the armpit area. It is part of the mammary gland and is relatively soft. It is also relatively larger in size. Both of these two conditions are concerning new moms.
CB Femi's Health uses a combination of techniques and ultrasonic equipment to help solve the problem of lymph nodes and accessory breasts for new moms. During the treatment session, the main focus is on the reflex zones of the Sanjiao meridian and the pericardium meridian. Through ultrasonic focusing penetration, it can quickly solve the above-mentioned conditions.
Decrease Milk Supply/Empty Residual Milk
Decreasing milk supply is a stage that every nursing mom will go through. Many postpartum moms often encounter problems related to lumpy breasts, incomplete lactation, and even mastitis.
CB Femi's Health will first examine and resolves any blockage problem. We will then use special techniques and ultrasound to unblock the lactation points for 3-4 days in a row. During this time, decoctions are used to help safely and quickly reduce lactogen, allowing the body to better absorb milk and easily decrease milk supply.
Areola Colour Lightening
Due to the changes in hormone levels in the body during pregnancy and breastfeeding, new moms often find nipples and areolas can be dark brown in colour. You may choose to apply vitamin cream or lighten the areola colour with laser treatment.
PicoWay is an innovative dual-wavelength picosecond laser with unique holographic pixel picosecond technology that creates a dual effect on the skin which can physically shatter melanin in benign pigmented lesions with low damage to surrounding intact tissues, and initiate dermal collagen renewal from the inside out. It is particularly effective in removing darkness and spots, which makes it a perfect treatment session for new moms.
Breast Lift
Due to the changes in hormone levels and breastfeeding, the fat and breast tissue will decrease rapidly. The epidermis of the breasts that have been enlarged becomes loose. In addition, some new moms may opt out of wearing bras for the convenience of breastfeeding. All of the above-mentioned reasons will cause breasts to sag.
The EXILIS ultrasonic RF breast lift treatment is the first monopolar RF combined with ultrasound interfacing output technology, targeting sagging and wrinkled skin. This treatment uses a patented probe to transmit high-energy high-frequency waves to the skin layer, causing an immediate skin tightening effect with collagen contraction. It also helps to stimulate the growth of collagen and elastin in the new skin, resulting in the lifting and tightening of the breast skin and lifting the breasts. It is a safe, painless and long-lasting non-surgical treatment for breast lifting and firming which can also slow down breast enlargement and lymphatic drainage effects.
First-Time Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding is the best way to provide necessary and precious nutrition to newborns, especially colostrum, which is produced within the first 48-72 hours after delivery. Through massage, a special diet, and TCM-based recipes, CB Femi’s Health is here to assist new moms with their first-time breastfeeding and make sure the process goes smoothly.