CO2RE® Intima

The CO2RE Intima laser reorganizes damaged collagen and elastic fibers of the vagina, thus thickening and tightening the vaginal walls and significantly increasing vaginal tightness, sensitivity, and lubrication.

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CO2RE® Intima

The principle of intimate fractional laser is to use CO2RE® Intima to convert the laser into thermal energy in the form of circular emission to the vaginal mucosa layer and muscle layer, stimulating the fibroblasts in the lamina propria and muscle layer to regenerate and reorganize the damaged collagen fibres and elastic fibres. As a result, the vaginal wall is thickened and tightened, and the tightness, sensitivity and lubrication of the vagina are significantly enhanced, making the vagina as tight as ever. This procedure is suitable for women who, due to aging, gradual decrease in ovarian function and decrease in the amount of estrogen, have degeneration of the fascia around the intimate area, decrease in muscle tone and atrophy of the mucosa.

Intimate Care
What changes occur in the vagina after childbirth?

In a natural birth, the baby is delivered through the vaginal, which means that the vagina is dilated to 10 cm (normal vaginal diameter is about 2.5 cm). After giving birth, the elasticity of the vaginal muscles decreases significantly.

Mothers who choose to have a cesarean section have their pelvic muscles and ligaments fully extended at the time of delivery to prepare the birth canal for the baby. So even if the baby is delivered through a C-Section procedure, the vagina will be lax as well.

Many people have the inherent impression that vaginal laxity affects their sexual life, but this is only one of the downsides. What are the other negative impacts of vaginal laxity for women?

According to statistics, 90% of postpartum women and 80% of women in their 30s have varying degrees of vaginal looseness, causing a lot of distress to women. Being psychologically suppressed for a long time can lead to emotional anxiety, endocrine disruption and premature aging symptoms.

Women in their 40s and 50s are usually prone to this condition. Due to bulging of the anterior vaginal wall, or bulging bladder, incontinence may be triggered when the bladder is full, or during laughing or shouting.

A loose vagina hides many folds in which germs, toxins, dead skin cells and uncleaned menstrual blood remain for years and years. This may lead to itching of the lower vagina, odorous and yellowish leucorrhea and cause recurrent vaginitis and cervicitis.

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Why CO2RE® Intima

The procedure uses a segmented treatment principle, using CO2RE Intima RF inspired CO2 laser to create numerous tiny wounds on parts of the skin, removing old epidermal tissue through grinding and regeneration, while stimulating collagen remodelling in the dermis, precisely restoring the treated skin surface and deeper layers of the skin (superficial, medium and deep) or regenerating all layers simultaneously.

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Comparison of intimate tightening treatment modalities


The following FAQs address contraindicated matters as well as postpartum recovery and precautions that you may encounter after you have enjoyed your session with us. Please contact us if you have additional questions or need further assistance.

  1. Treatment is not recommended if patients are pregnant and/or breastfeeding.
  2. Treatment is not recommended if patients have metal implants in the treatment area.
  1. Recovery time varies from person to person, ranging from about 5-14 days. Use saline to clean the area after treatment, avoid strenuous exercise, sauna, high temperature bath or high temperature rinse.
  2. The skin will be hot 1-2 hours after the treatment, you can use ice or cold mask to reduce the burning sensation, the burning sensation will disappear after 2-3 hours.
  3. 2 days after surgery, the treatment area will have a slight scab flaking, this is a normal phenomenon after treatment, do not artificially tear off the scab, need to wait for its natural fall off.
  4. After treatment, sun exposure may occur pigmentation, please pay attention to sun protection. For outdoor activities, please wear sunscreen, umbrella, mask, and hat.

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