Emsculpt Neo®

Non-invasive, muscle lifting, fat reduction, and diastasis recti recovery.

Diastasis Recti Recovery

Emsculpt Neo®

The Emsclupt® Neo is the world’s only non-invasive, medical-grade device for muscle lifting and fat reduction. The device has passed both FDA and CE safety and effectiveness certifications. The upgraded version uses the revolutionary patented HIFEM™ HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Force) technology and thermal RF technology. Using high frequency, high magnetic force and thermal energy, this 2in1 device is capable of directly stimulating the motor neurons in the muscle, making all muscle fibres produce extreme contraction without pain. Thus causing fat cells to apoptosis, achieving twice the effect.

About Rectus Abdominis Muscle
What is a separation of the rectus abdominis muscle?

During pregnancy, the hormones secreted by a woman’s body will cause the abdominal muscles and bones to become soft so that the space to accommodate the fetus can be expanded. However, from pregnancy to delivery, the uterus will expand and cause the rectus abdominis muscle to be stretched, resulting in many postpartum physiological problems, including separation of the rectus abdominis muscle, displacement of internal organs, and pelvic bone enlargement. If not treated properly, it may lead to incontinence, uterine prolapse, and vaginal laxity.

Our Treatment

In addition to muscle gain and fat loss, it also has a particularly good effect on the postpartum separation of the rectus abdominis muscle! EMSCULPT muscle gain + fat burning, non-invasive treatment to help postpartum women quickly regain their bodies, easily solve the small belly and the separation of the rectus abdominis muscle, completely solve the root cause of body bloating.

With the new HIFEM+™ high-frequency contraction design, this treatment penetrates deep into the muscle tissue and directly triggers the motor neurons to produce higher-frequency contraction in 30 minutes for quick results. It is more than a normal exercise, 4 sessions are equivalent to 12-16 weeks of training. Combined with SynchrodeTM waveform to release heat, it helps to improve blood circulation while stimulating muscle growth.

The first Synchrode™ band technology, which emits the HIFEM+TM high-frequency contraction signal and releases the Synchrode™ band at the same time, heats the fat layer to 45 degrees Celsius, directly destroying the fat cells and causing them to die naturally while maintaining a comfortable temperature during the treatment. The destroyed fat cells will be excreted from the body, reducing the thickness of the fat layer, and achieving the result of body sculpting.


The following FAQs address contraindicated matters as well as postpartum recovery and precautions that you may encounter after you have enjoyed your session with us. Please contact us if you have additional questions or need further assistance.

  1. Treatment is not recommended if patients are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  2. Treatment is not recommended if patients have hernia in the operation area.
  3. Treatment is not recommended if patients have recently received surgery in the operation area.
  4. Treatment is not recommended if patients have pacemaker implantation.
  5. Treatment is not recommended if patients have liver disease.
  6. Treatment is not recommended if patients have a history of allergy to glycerol, alcohol, etc.

No Downtime.

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