Health Checkups

In recent years, there has been a trend of women encountering health issues at increasingly younger ages. As a result, periodic health checkups not only allow you to stay informed about your overall health but also help in early detection and management of potential health risks.

Some prevalent health concerns among women include:

Although it’s recommended to have a general health checkup annually, specific areas like gynecological exams are best conducted every two years.

The Significance of Periodic Health Checkups:

Women of different age groups may experience various physiological conditions, which is quite common. The purpose of women’s health checkups is early prevention and treatment of gynecological diseases, many of which may not exhibit overt symptoms. Therefore, routine health examinations, postpartum checkups, and pre-pregnancy checks are all of paramount importance.

Women aged 21 to 29 should have a gynecological checkup every 2-3 years and set health goals. At this stage, doctors can offer advice on fertility, examine the abdomen to detect conditions like endometrial ectopia, uterine fibroids, or ovarian cysts, and it’s also an optimal time for a Pap smear test and discussions about the HPV vaccine.

For those in the 30 to 39 age bracket, it’s essential to undergo at least one health checkup annually. During these visits, doctors can provide guidance on maintaining health and suggest preventive measures.

Women aged 40 and above face increased risks of cancers and cardiovascular diseases due to age. Annual health checkups become especially vital for them. Regular breast examinations, including mammograms and ultrasounds, are recommended. Furthermore, doctors can also advise on hormone-related changes, such as menopause, ensuring a smooth transition.

The Necessity of Checkups:

Regular health screenings offer numerous benefits. They are particularly crucial for diseases that might not show early symptoms, like cancer and heart ailments. Early detection often correlates with better treatment outcomes. Moreover, these checkups serve as an opportunity to dispel concerns, gather advice on healthy living, and learn about preventive measures. For women planning to conceive, periodic health checkups ensure the well-being of both the mother and the baby.

CB Femi's Health Checkup Packages

Beginning at the age of 30, women should have a comprehensive gynecological examination at least once a year. These health check-ups for women usually focus on the uterus, breast tissue, and hormone levels. Women who are nearing menopause should be particularly vigilant about their health, in order to avoid overlooking chronic diseases that could impact their future well-being.

Postpartum Checkups
Usually, the mother's uterus takes about 42 days to recover after childbirth. To comprehensively assess the body's recovery, we recommend postpartum mothers undergo a specialized checkup and follow the doctor's guidance. The postpartum 42-day checkup mainly includes examinations of the uterus, urinary tract, blood, hormones, nervous system, and emotional aspects, as well as the investigation of any adverse symptoms that may affect the baby. Detecting abnormalities promptly and making improvements are crucial. Postpartum recovery is not merely about visible and tangible physiological restoration but also entails psychological well-being and the recovery of internal organs, which should not be overlooked.
Health Examination
Regular comprehensive health checkups not only help in detecting early disease occurrences but also provide better insights into one's own body, enabling timely adjustments of lifestyle habits and preventive measures for potential health issues. CB Femi brings together a professional team of doctors to provide one-stop medical services, with a team of female physicians fluent in Chinese, alleviating concerns and language barriers. The selected projects include gynecological routine examinations, genital secretions examinations, cervical cancer screening, liver function, hormone testing, and more. All ultrasound instruments and equipment have been approved by the Canadian authorities, and the test reports are universally accepted in the province of British Columbia.
Gynecological Examination
Gynecological examination is the foundation for ensuring women's health. Through these examinations, gynecological disorders, especially gynecological malignancies, can be detected early. Early intervention and treatment, can lead to a better prognosis. CB Femi's Gynecological Examination includes routine gynecological check-ups, pelvic examination, cervical cancer screening, pelvic floor muscles, gynecological secretions, and other check-ups.
Menopausal Check-up
As age advances and women enter the menopausal stage, various issues may arise in their bodies, such as weight gain, palpitations, insomnia, and vaginal dryness. Menopause mostly occurs between the ages of 40 to 55. By this stage, the body may have accumulated some unhealthy habits, and many hidden diseases may also begin to surface. Undergoing a check-up during this period helps to identify conditions, initiate early treatment, and pay greater attention to daily lifestyle patterns, thus avoiding the development of chronic diseases in later years.