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Rediscover Feminine Radiance, Safeguard Timeless Allure

Rediscover Feminine Radiance, Safeguard Timeless Allure

Our Services

From 4D ultrasounds and postpartum recovery to women's health checkups and fertility control, we strive to create the most comprehensive and nurturing service experience for every visiting female customer.

Prenatal Preparation

Prepare For The Newborn

A new life is fascinating because of the unknown, the unknown nurtures the first heartbeat for the newborn.
CB Femi's Health is here for the mother-to-be and the new life. From the prenatal preparation to giving brith to a child, we're here with you every step of the way!

Postpartum Recovery

Care Is The Core

CB Femi's Health combines traditional and modern methods to provide comprehensive recovery care for postpartum moms, helping you restore prenatal status.

Body Management

Beauty Is The Secret

Crafting graceful figures, confidence blossoms from within.
From prenatal to postpartum recovery training, and addressing women's most intimate care concerns, our body management program is designed to help you sculpt your ideal physique and radiate with beauty.

Health Check

Prevention Is The Core

Nurturing women's well-being, radiating their brilliance.
Each examination is an act of self-care and a promise for the future! CB Femi's Health offers an all-encompassing women's health check service, caring for your well-being at every stage of life.

Birth Control

Control For The Freedom

Choose your future independently, shaping a colourful life
CB Femi's Health provides diverse birth control services, enabling you to select suitable reproductive methods, guiding and safeguarding your journey.

Body Management

Beauty Is The Secret

From prenatal to postpartum recovery training, and addressing women's most intimate care concerns, our body management program is designed to help you sculpt your ideal physique and radiate with beauty.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapy

Nourishment Is The Essence

CB Femi's Health has a professional Chinese medicine team focusing on providing restorative care for new moms. Moms are taken good care of at different stages through various and gradul dietary treatments and traditional Chinese medicine therapies.

Our Teams

Meet the experts

Maternity Health Consultant
Massage Therapists
Senior certified TCM pediatric massage therapist, TCM breastfeeding, postpartum restorer, lactation instructor
Yoga Teacher

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Ignite Beauty from Within,
Nurturing Supreme Wellness


Registered Dietitian

A Registered Dietitian, Maggie strives to provide one-on-one intimate and customized services. She is also a Certified Diabetes Educator with extensive experience working in the obstetrics department of a major local hospital. Maggie also has studied gestational diabetes, a condition that women are particularly vulnerable to during pregnancy.

Helen He

Maternity Health Consultant

Dr. Helen He, a chief physician from a top three hospital in Shanghai, China, has been dedicated to the clinical diagnosis and treatment of obstetrics and gynecology since graduating from the Medical Specialties Institute with a specialization in this field in 1985. She is meticulous and responsible in treating her patients. From 2014 to 2022, she was promoted to work at the Health Commission, where she was responsible for women and children’s health, disease prevention and control. Dr. He has extensive theoretical knowledge and rich clinical and guidance experience in various fields, including clinical obstetrics and gynecology, children’s health, female health, and early childhood education.


Massage Therapist

Janae is an experienced massage therapist from Hong Kong, who is very gentle and patient. She is good at listening and answering moms’ confusion of all kinds, big and small with “one-on-one” personalized services for postpartum mothers. Janae is dedicated to bringing family-like care and attention. She specializes in improving the muscular, nervous and circulatory systems for better health, especially in breastfeeding guidance, pelvic repair and body toning, providing a relaxing and therapeutic physical therapy experience.


Certified Senior TCM Pediatric Massage Therapist, TCM Breastfeeding Specialist, Postpartum Recovery Specialist, Lactation Consultant.

With years of experience under her belt, Liu Xingna (Nana) provides a number of quality services to help postpartum mothers to solve the problems of less milk, breast swelling and pain, postpartum bacterial mastitis, cumulative mastitis, etc. Nana is also good at solving pelvic misalignment, pubic bone separation, rectus abdominis muscle subluxation, pelvic floor muscle relaxation, pain and other Nana is also an expert in postpartum problems, and has done research on the respiratory and digestive systems of children. She is committed to providing comprehensive and professional women’s health services, scientific answers to various physiological problems that may be encountered, and helping mothers to smoothly go through the postpartum recovery period.


Miya, a professional licensed yoga teacher in Canada, has multiple fitness and yoga instructor certifications such as Registered Yoga Teacher 200 and Aerial Yoga Certificate. She has many years of teaching experience and has come into contact with people with various physical conditions, and will develop exclusive yoga lesson plans according to the different physical conditions of the students. She specializes in teaching pregnancy, postpartum restoration training, body sculpting, and physique adjustment. Miya, who is passionate about yoga herself, has helped many people whose bodies and minds need healing through her teaching, especially women before and after pregnancy or childbirth, to have better patterns of getting along with their bodies and minds with this special form of exercise.

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