Why is intimate care needed after delivery?

From pregnancy to delivery, a woman’s body is constantly changing, especially the uterus and intimate areas. Many new moms who chose vaginal delivery would suffer from the lateral incision. The perineum is prone to infection and looseness after delivery.

How do intimate areas change and recover after delivery?

Whether it’s vaginal delivery or C-section, new moms are going through a lot of changes, in particular for their intimate areas.

After delivery, there may be mild edema in the vulva, which will disappear on its own within 2-3 weeks. If you pay attention to local cleaning and care, mild lacerations or incisions on the perineum will usually heal within 4-5 days. If the perineum is severely lacerated or the wound is infected, the incision will split open and increase the pain. It can take 2 weeks or even 1 month to heal.

During delivery, the vaginal wall becomes swollen with many small wounds due to the passage of the fetus, which may cause stinging pain when urinating 1-2 days after deliver. This will normally recover after 1 week. Usually, the enlarged vagina can be tightened 1 day after delivery. After giving birth, the vagina is enlarged and the muscles of the vaginal wall are relaxed. The mucosal folds of the vagina will also disappear due to hyperextension during delivery. During the lactation period, vaginal muscle will gradually become tight, but will not fully reach prenatal status. The mucosal folds begin to reappear about 3 weeks after delivery.

Why is intimate care needed?

The special physiological structure of women makes the intimate area easily exposed to outside bacteria causign symptoms such as slight itching, odor and stickiness, leading to various gynecological diseases. Proper intimate care can effectively prevent the breeding of gynecological diseases.

Our Treatments​
Emfemme 360 Viginal Rejuvenation Trearment
64% of women confessed that their body image has gotten worse since they had a baby, such as urinary incontinence, muscle pain, vaginal dryness, orgasmdisorder and vaginal relaxation. Emfemme 360 is the shortest RF non-invasive treatment to address a wide range of women's wellness concerns which homogeneously delivers 360 volumetric heating throughout the treated area, provides a temporary increase in local circulation, muscle pain relief, and muscle relaxation and tighten up.
CO2RE® Intima​
The principle of intimate fractional laser is to use CO2RE® Intima to convert the laser into thermal energy in the form of circular emission to the vaginal mucosa layer and muscle layer, stimulating the fibroblasts in the lamina propria and muscle layer to regenerate and reorganize the damaged collagen fibres and elastic fibres. As a result, the vaginal wall is thickened and tightened, and the tightness, sensitivity and lubrication of the vagina are significantly enhanced, making the vagina as tight as ever. This procedure is suitable for women who, due to aging, gradual decrease in ovarian function and decrease in the amount of estrogen, have degeneration of the fascia around the intimate area, decrease in muscle tone and atrophy of the mucosa.​
Intimate Lightening
PicoWay® is a breakthrough cosmetic laser with "dual wavelength (532nm/1064nm) + holographic pixel focus technology", which is particularly effective in spots removal and skin brightening. The treatment has a faster and more powerful energy compared to PicoSure™. It can directly crush melanin into "dust", which is more easily metabolized by the body, making it ideal for intimate lightening.
Women Sexual Enhancemen
We understand your sex life is not good when you find it hard to hold up or do not enjoy sex anymore. It’s no problem as Femi can help you improve your sex life. Several factors affect the female experience. Some are behavioral. These might include alcohol consumption, smoking, and nutrition. Some are psychological, for example, anxiety, depression, stress, and low self-esteem. Others are biological, such as hormones, vascular function, labour & delivery and aging. This is where Alma Duo™ can help.
Speedy Intimate Recovery
The female intimate is the most sensitive and densely populated area of the human nerves which regulates hormones and endocrine. This treatment can promote pelvic and uterine contraction, and expel waste and toxins from the uterine folds. It can effectively enhance uterus health from within, improve gynecological diseases, regulate endocrine secretion, progress vaginal lubrication and looseness, and increase sensitivity.
Hemorrhoid Treatment
The increased internal pressure in the abdomen of pregnant women during pregnancy leads to varicose veins at the anus, forming venous masses that induce hemorrhoids. For post partum moms, as the intestinal tract is not sufficiently powered, which often causes constipation. Long-term accumulation of toxins may cause complications in the colon or rectum. For such symptoms, we usually start with a conservative approach to treatment, such as herbal fumigation and sitz bath therapy, to help clear heat and detoxify the blood and relieve itching and other symptoms. For a quick solution, we also offer medication to help improve local blood circulation. Finally, a healthy diet, a regular lifestyle, and proper exercise can reduce venous pressure and strengthen the function of the cardiovascular system. The common "sphincter lifting exercise" is also one of the most effective ways to help the bowels flow smoothly. By eating more coarse fiber foods, drinking more water, and paying more attention to hygiene, hemorrhoids will eliminate edema more quickly.