Postpartum Fat Loss

In order to make the baby stronger, many moms choose to intake an overwhelming amount of nutrients while they are pregnant, causing their weight to skyrocket. Plus the body will be bulkier in the second trimester, so it’s hard to start exercising during pregnancy if you don’t have a long-term exercise habit. Even after delivery, moms often choose to eat a lot of nutritious food to ensure there’s adequate milk, resulting in weight gain.

How to lose fat after giving birth?

Postpartum weight gain is a major issue concerning many moms. Quick weight loss in a short period of time usually reduces only the water in the body. Fat loss and body contouring need to be gradual after giving birth, you should never blindly reduce weight. So what can you do to lose fat?

Moderate Exercise

A healthy lifestyle can slowly restore your body's function. You can choose to do some moderate and easy exercise, such as a short walk. You can make a plan starting from 5 minutes and then slowly increasing to 10 minutes, 30 minutes and so on. Do not increase the frequency too much all at once. It’s best to be accustomed to the frequency of the individual. Remember not to be too hasty - once you start to lose weight, do not give up as persistence is the most effective way.

Choose High-Fibre Diet

Having a healthy diet is extremely important for postpartum moms. You should avoid energy-dense sweets and focus on fruits and vegetables and whole grains, which contain high fibre and important nutrients. High-fibre foods can also make you less hungry.

How do we improve the efficiency of postpartum fat loss?

CB Femi’s Health combines tradition with technology to develop a personalized plan based on your body test report. During the process, we will do tracking tests and adjust the plan when appropriate to help moms lose weight while regaining their figure and avoid going into fat loss misconceptions. We provide the most advanced fat loss equipment – Vshape Ultrasonic Fat Burning and Metabolism Activating Injections, coupled with exclusive 1-on-1 certified nutritionists, to help moms achieve the goal of fat loss in a healthy and effective way.

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