Postnatal care Treatments
Meridian Massage
When the body's meridians are blocked, the metabolic function is weakened and toxins are not discharged, the facial skin is prone to pigmentation, spots, yellowing, acne and skin aging. Especially for postpartum mothers, because the placental hormones dissolve the collagen in the body during pregnancy, the loss of collagen, coupled with the blockage of meridians, slowing down the metabolism, will greatly aggravate the phenomenon of acne, spots and aging of the facial skin.

CB Femi's Health Meridian Massage session is designed for postpartum moms with discomfort caused by blocked meridians. The program uses professional techniques to massage and unblock the meridians of the whole body, together with the meridian therapy instrument, to unblock from the deepest level to treat discomfort.
Lymphatic Detoxification
The lymphatic system is the largest detoxification system in the human body. It is also a very important circulatory system being the main medium for collecting toxins from all organs of the body. If the lymph is not detoxified and cleared in time after birth, the waste and toxins in the body will gradually increase. Postpartum moms are often prone to body aches and pains, decreased resistance, memory loss, facial acne, lower limb edema and many other problems.

Our postpartum lymphatic detoxification is carried out by professional techniques to detoxify the lymph in the neck, armpit and groin. It helps postpartum moms to cleanse their bodies of toxins and solve a series of problems such as blockage in the body
Uterus Warming
Many moms feel they’re easier to feel cool and often suffer from back pain after delivery. In fact, these problems are related to "cold uterine". According to Chinese medicine, women are naturally prone to feel cold. At CB Femi's, we divide the characteristic Chinese medicine treatment into categories such as herbal tonic, external treatment and herbal-infused foot massage. The internal regulation is carried out through the preparation of custom-made herbs that invigorate blood circulation and eliminate blood stasis. At the same time, we use traditional methods such as moxibustion, compress therapy, fumigation and massage to treat externally. In addition to the preparation of Chinese medicine foot bath, you can easily achieve deep detoxification. At the same time, proper exercise is also conducive to unblocking the meridians, regulating qi and blood, and warming the whole body.
Sweating And Detoxification
The Sweating And Detoxification program offered by CB Femi's Health allows moms to sweat out dampness and cold, bacteria and viruses from their bodies through several consecutive sweating sessions. The sweating method not only activates the meridians, improves organ health, promotes the flow of qi and blood, and improves mental and physical strength, but also regulates the nerves, dilates the small blood vessels around the body, and improves the microcirculatory system. Women will consume a lot of energy during childbirth, resulting in a lack of qi and blood. A lack of exercise and a compromised immune system make it easy for bacteria or viruses to take advantage of this time causing a variety of diseases. The more common ones include migraine, lumbar weakness, arthritis, cough, etc.
Round Shoulder & Hunchback Correction
After delivery, moms haven't exercised for a long time and often need to hold the baby. Improper holding posture combined with postpartum core instability can easily lead to back and waist injury. At the same time, round shoulders and humped backs affect women's temperament, so the recovery of shoulders and backs after childbirth is also a key point that mothers should not ignore.

The correction course of round shoulder and hunchback uses a combination of message techniques and professional instruments. We use ultrasonic equipment with meridian massage cream to improve the round shoulder and hunchback and improve oversized pectoral muscles and tan shoulder caused by long-term improper posture or wrong training.