What is Western Medicine?

Western medicine usually refers to the modern Western medical system, which originated in the modern era in Western countries. It is a new medical system with anatomy and physiology, tissue embryology, biochemistry and molecular biology as the basic disciplines. Western medicine is closer to modern medicine. Through the comprehensive knowledge of the human body structure, the Western medicine treatment effect is faster and more direct. For women who have given birth for the first time, the various examinations of Western medicine can be justified and justified to make the mother understand herself better.

What are the differences between Western medicine and Chinese medicine?

Western medicine is different from Eastern medicine in many ways. Just as Western women do not have the practice of “Postpartum Confinement”. TCM focuses on toning, usually by taking the pulse and observing the color of the face to analyze and regulate the physiological functions of the body in the traditional way. Western medicine conducts examinations through visual, palpation, percussion, auscultation, and smell; and diagnoses diseases through blood, body fluids, secretions, excretions, and cell sampling. With the help of advanced medical instruments and equipment, Western medicine can also provide surgical treatment, laser treatment, chemotherapy, and more.

How does Western medicine help in postpartum recovery?

At CB Femi’s Health, our team of top professional doctors, together with advanced high-tech medical equipment, provide our clients with scientific, direct and fast improvement results for postpartum recovery. With the help of medical aesthetic technology, we’re able to help new moms regain shape and vitality.

Western medical aesthetics is equally effective in improving body shape

There are many changes in a woman’s physical appearance after childbirth, the most immediate being changes in the female genitalia. Childbirth often results in swelling or tearing of the female genitalia. Even after the natural recovery through metabolism after childbirth, the elasticity and appearance can still be very different from prior to delivery. We offer a variety of advanced medical techniques such as diaphragm examination, vagina tightening laser, vagina tightening, uterine prolapse surgery, labia minora reduction, and G-spot activation to help mothers in all aspects of their postpartum transformation and restore their health and beauty.

Postpartum Western Medicine Treatment