Postpartum Yoga

Postpartum yoga is specially designed for new moms to exercise and regain their body shape.

Postpartum Fitness

Postpartum Yoga

Yoga is a system that helps the body reach its potential by raising awareness. Yoga has been practised for thousands of years, from 300 BC to the present day. It is a slow, comfortable practice that improves the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the body, bringing the mind and spirit into harmony.

Our postpartum yoga program is specially designed to help new moms exercise and get back into shape. The program not only helps to restore body and shape but also helps to regulate mental anxiety through yoga breathing and meditation, helping mothers to regain their physical and mental health.

Postpartum Fitness

About Postpartum Yoga

After pregnancy and childbirth, body shape and physique change drastically. At this time you will find that many yoga poses become easier to perform. In addition, a moderate postnatal yoga practice can also help new moms to recover. The specific asanas, regular breathing and calming meditation in postpartum yoga practices can also help to soothe psychological anxiety.

About Postpartum Yoga​
What are the benefits of postpartum yoga?

Postpartum yoga helps to strengthen the elasticity of the pubic muscles, promotes uterine contraction by restoring skin tone, prevents the uterus, bladder and vagina from dropping, and facilitates the return of the uterus to its normal position. The program also improves blood circulation, reduces body fat accumulation and restores skin tone, which helps new mothers to return to their prenatal body shape.

Postpartum yoga can also improve poor posture caused by physiological changes. Due to the physiological changes that occur during pregnancy, women tend to develop poor posture, such as shifting the body’s centre of gravity forward, convex cervical vertebrae, pulling the shoulders forward, tilting the pelvis forward and shifting the centre of gravity to the heels. Carrying a baby after childbirth also tends to shift the body’s weight forward, thus causing postnatal neck, back, pelvis and heel pain.


Women are prone to lower limb edema during pregnancy. Yoga practice helps to improve blood flow and metabolism, which in turn improves leg edema and varicose veins due to fetal compression of the inferior vena cava. Postpartum yoga will also reduce body fat accumulation while improving blood circulation.

Mothers often feel a loss of fitness and a lack of energy after giving birth. This is due to the fact that pregnancy and childbirth consume a lot of energy and nutrients, resulting in nutritional deficiencies in postnatal mothers. Proper postnatal yoga practice helps to restore physical fitness and improve absorption and metabolism, among other things.

Yoga can cut off the excess fat on the arms through moderate stretching and also helps to strengthen the arm muscles. Postnatal mothers usually spend a lot of time holding their babies, without strong muscles, arms are more likely to feel painful and sore. Postpartum yoga helps to strengthen arm muscles.

The abdominal musculature tends to loosen and weaken after childbirth. Postpartum yoga training helps to restore the abdominal and pelvic muscles, enhance the support of the organs in the pelvis and effectively prevent pressure incontinence.

About Us
Our Prenatal/Postpartum Training Programs

At CB Femi’s Health, we provide training programs for all mothers-to-be covering stages from pregnancy preparation to after delivery. We design and optimize training programs according to each client’s different body type. Our prenatal training and postpartum recovery programs are here to help you reduce the pain before and after birth and effectively accelerate the postpartum recovery process. Our professional instructors’ team will work with you every step of the way to help significantly reduce the risk of injury in training.

Based on each individual’s body type, our postnatal yoga program is designed to help moms to regain their slim body shape, while protecting the internal organs and soft muscles and increasing muscle flexibility.

Both prenatal and postpartum exercises need to be accomplished gradually, taking into account your actual situation, slowly improving the psychological stress and physical problems caused by pregnancy, and returning to the best condition before pregnancy.


The following FAQs address contraindicated matters as well as postpartum recovery and precautions that you may encounter after you have enjoyed your session with us. Please contact us if you have additional questions or need further assistance.

  1. Not suitable for those whose wounds have not healed
  2. Not suitable for those with breast engorgement
  3. Not suitable for pregnant women with high blood pressure or heart disease
  4. Not suitable for those with epilepsy
  5. Not suitable for those with severe anemia or thrombocytopenia
  1. The frequency should not be too high, once or twice a week is enough.
  2. The yoga exercises must be done correctly to prevent accidents.

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