Why planning for pregnancy/prenatal screening?

Comprehensive prenatal testing, adequate counselling and guidance are essential in promoting a healthy pregnancy as well as preparing for labour and postpartum recovery. CB Femi’s Health assists you in preparing for pregnancy/conception by providing you with the opportunity to learn and understand how your body will change during pregnancy. During your preparation and pregnancy, we will take care of every prenatal test and provide you with knowledge, counselling and advice on nutrition and exercise covering both physical and mental aspects.

How often should pregnant women receive prenatal visits?

Generally, you will need monthly prenatal visits until 28 weeks of pregnancy, biweekly from 28 to 36 weeks, and weekly after 36 weeks. However, there may be some variation in the rules of different regions and hospitals. Throughout your pregnancy, you may need 10 to 15 prenatal visits.

The number of visits depends on your health history, any complications during your pregnancy, and whether you have conditions like high blood pressure that require more prenatal visits. If you have had any health problems in the past, or if new problems develop as your pregnancy progresses, your prenatal visits may be more frequent. In addition to following your doctor’s appointments, it is also important to seek medical attention if you experience any discomfort.

What are the routine prenatal checkups?

The purpose of a prenatal visit is to see if your pregnancy is progressing well and to give you information that will help you and your baby stay healthy. Your doctor will probably start by asking you how you are feeling, what is uncomfortable or worrisome, and what questions you would like to ask. The doctor may also ask you some questions related to where you are in your pregnancy and what she has for you that needs special attention.

During each prenatal checkup, the doctor will ask about you and the baby, record your weight, blood pressure, and any swelling, measure fundal height and abdominal circumference; check the baby’s fetal position, and listen to its heartbeat with a Doppler fetal heart monitor; arrange blood and urine tests, and other related examinations and laboratory procedures. When necessary, you will also be closely monitored and treated for any complications. Ancillary diagnoses such as ultrasound or fetal heart monitoring may be performed. In late pregnancy, your doctor will take pelvic measurements and work with you to plan the delivery at 37 weeks of pregnancy.

At the end of the prenatal visit, your doctor will give you a short summary – explain to you what normal changes will occur until your next maternity visit and what conditions need to be brought to your attention. The doctor will also advise you on lifestyle issues that may affect your pregnancy, such as the importance of balanced nutrition, avoiding tobacco, alcohol and medications, etc. In addition, he/she may also discuss with you the pros and cons of optional tests you may need to consider.

Recommended Checkups
4D Ultrasound
4D ultrasound is also known as dynamic 3D imaging technology. It can capture the baby's activities in the mother's womb, not only creating a vivid picture of the fetus' activities in the womb, but also leaving a precious video clip of the baby's earliest days.Compared to other diagnostic ultrasound procedures, 4D ultrasound allows for real-time observation of the dynamic movements of the body's internal organs.
Preparing For Pregnancy
CB Femi's Health uses the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine to select herbs that help women to get ready for pregnancy. TCM can often determine the symptoms of a woman's health through the volume, colour, and cycle of her menstruation. The healthy condition of the uterus and a positive mood are also essential in preparing for pregnancy. To help you get prepared for pregnancy, we are here to offer TCM therapies that contribute to improving your health condition in the above-mentioned areas.
Progesterone Testing
Progesterone usually plays an important role on top of estrogen, preparing the fertilized egg for implantation in the uterus and ensuing pregnancy. Progesterone is an ovarian hormone secreted by the corpus luteum in the female body and is very important to women, with peak production usually occurring 7 to 8 days after ovulation. The Hormone Test, also known as the "Sex Hormone Test" or "Reproductive Hormone Test", is a basic test routinely performed at fertility centers. It can be used to measure the levels of various sex hormones to understand women's ovarian function and diagnose diseases related to reproductive endocrine disorders.
Gestational Diabetes Management
Gestational diabetes can cause anxiety and worry. While it is important to understand the problems associated with poorly controlled gestational diabetes, it is also important to remember that good control can significantly reduce the risk of the disease. Our gestational diabetes management program is based on diet, with a professional nutritionist who will develop customized recipes and follow your blood glucose status throughout your pregnancy. This ensures that your caloric and nutritional needs are met during pregnancy while avoiding postprandial hyperglycemia or starvation ketosis, and ensuring normal fetal growth and development.
Prenatal Education Program (Coming Soon)
Our prenatal education program is here to help new parents learn more about pregnancy, childbirth and baby care, as well as assist you with the transition of identity. The course covers the birth process, baby care, safety, benefits of breastfeeding and maintaining a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy.
Prenantal Massage
Pregnancy massage is a full body massage performed by a professional massage therapist, similar to a regular massage (like a spa in a beauty salon), except that it differs in some locations to ensure the safety and comfort of the mother and baby.
LPG: Pregnancy Swelling Management
Swelling during pregnancy is caused by the increase of water inside the body during pregnancy. Swelling tends to occur after the 28th week of pregnancy, especially for the arms and feet. swelling can be improved by diet, exercise, and massage. CB Femi offers LPG Physical Massage Therapy, CELLU M6 is an innovative LPG brand anti-cellulite technology that is effective for tailor-made beauty. The effects are proven and long-lasting.

Recommended Programs