Is it important to work out during pregnancy?

As we become more conscious about self-care, pre and postnatal exercises started to gain more attention from new parents. It is normal for expecting moms to have increased appetite during pregnancy in order to absorb enough nutrition. However, this may also result in weight gain. Prenatal and postpartum exercises are necessary for a smooth delivery and can help new moms get back in shape as soon as possible after giving birth.

Choosing the right exercise is especially important for pregnant moms

Childbirth is a sweet burden for women and a great test for their bodies. The curvature of a woman’s lumbar spine changes during pregnancy, relaxin in the body also softens the joints, and the muscles in the abdomen are destructively stretched. In addition, hormones released before the birth of the child can cause back and pelvic joint pain. Therefore, it is usually not suitable for pregnant women to engage in significant activity or intense exercise.

What exercises are suitable for prenatal moms?

Our prenatal/postpartum training program will cover the entire process from pregnancy preparation to delivery and postpartum recovery. The training program is designed and adjusted according to the different body types of different moms. It helps reduce the pain before and after giving birth and can effectively accelerate the process of recovering the body shape after delivery. Under the guidance of professional teachers, moms can expect visible results with much lower risks of training injuries.

Whether prenatal or postpartum, exercise sessions need to be gradual and should not be rushed. Moms need to take into account their personal condition and gradually improve the psychological stress and physical problems caused by pregnancy to return to their best selves.

What is the difference between Pilates and Yoga?

If you are more interested in strengthening your body and reducing stress and relaxing your mind, then yoga will be more suitable for you. If you are looking to improve your posture and body lines, such as a hunched chest or belly fat, Pilates will help more by strengthening your core muscles through exercise.

Recommended Prenatal Exercises