1 on 1 Prenatal Pilates


Pilates is recognized as the most effective postpartum recovery exercise. The benefits of Pilates for postpartum recovery are to promote early recovery of the uterus and related reproductive organs.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a unique self-invented training movement named after the German Joseph Hubertus Pilates, combining yoga, dance, and gymnastics to strengthen the body’s core muscle groups and muscular endurance, slimming the body for the purpose.

Why do moms-to-be need Pilates during pregnancy?

At CB Femi’s Health, our Prenatal Pilates is an exercise designed specifically for pregnant women. It not only helps moms to have a smooth delivery, but also has a significant effect on postpartum recovery. Today, Prenatal Pilates combines the flexibility of the East and the strength of the West, with elements of yoga, qigong, boxing, gymnastics and dance, as well as a series of humane improvements. It helps to eliminate discomfort during pregnancy, ease the delivery process, and restore the body with strength after delivery.


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