Back Pain Treatment


CB Femi’s professional TCM therapists care for mothers with all their heart, from massage points, moxibustion, and medicinal food to help mothers relax their muscles and blood, clear heat and toxins, disperse stasis, and eliminate dampness while relieving deficiency of Qi and blood and promoting blood circulation.

Why do you need back pain treatment after childbirth?

You will likely suffer from postpartum back pain if you had a normal delivery or a cesarean section. Due to the relaxation of the spine and bone joint ligaments during pregnancy, the elasticity of muscle ligaments decreases, and the endocrine system does not recover quickly after delivery; the pelvic ligaments and muscles are loose and weak, and the uterus is not completely reset, so if you get up and walk around at this time, it will increase the load on the lumbar muscles, thus causing back pain.

How does CB Femi help postpartum mothers with back pain treatment?

Our professional TCM physiotherapists help moms to relax the tendons and blood, clear heat and toxins, disperse stasis, dispel dampness and promote blood circulation from manual massage of acupuncture points, moxibustion conditioning, and medicinal food conditioning. Sometimes back pain can also be related to calcium deficiency, so we focus on providing calcium-rich foods in the medicinal diet. It is recommended that new moms get more sunshine to promote calcium absorption and provide enough calcium to babies when breastfeeding. Postpartum lumbar conditioning can be beneficial for the future prevention and treatment of various ailments, slowing down aging and improving overall health in the long run.