Breast Lift


Exilis is a non-surgical, painless, long-lasting breast lift and firming treatment with no side effects.

Why do my breasts sag after giving birth?

Due to the changes in hormone levels and breastfeeding, the fat and breast tissue will decrease rapidly. The epidermis of the breasts that have been enlarged becomes loose. In addition, some new moms may opt out of wearing bras for the convenience of breastfeeding. All of the above-mentioned reasons will cause breasts to sag.

How CB Femi helps moms firm up their breasts?

The EXILIS ultrasonic RF breast lift treatment is the first monopolar RF combined with ultrasound interfacing output technology, targeting sagging and wrinkled skin. This treatment uses a patented probe to transmit high-energy, high-frequency waves to the skin layer, causing an immediate skin-tightening effect with collagen contraction. It also helps to stimulate the growth of collagen and elastin in the new skin, resulting in the lifting and tightening of the breast skin and lifting the breasts. It is a safe, painless, and long-lasting non-surgical treatment for breast lifting and firming, which can also slow down breast enlargement and lymphatic drainage effects.