CO2RE® Intima


The CO2RE Intima laser reorganizes damaged collagen and elastic fibers of the vagina, thus thickening and tightening the vaginal walls and significantly increasing vaginal tightness, sensitivity, and lubrication.

What is CO2RE® Intima?

The principle of intimate fractional laser is to use CO2RE® Intima to convert the laser into thermal energy in the form of circular emission to the vaginal mucosa layer and muscle layer, stimulating the fibroblasts in the lamina propria and muscle layer to regenerate and reorganize the damaged collagen fibers and elastic fibers. As a result, the vaginal wall is thickened and tightened, and the tightness, sensitivity, and lubrication of the vagina are significantly enhanced, making the vagina as tight as ever. This procedure is suitable for women who, due to aging, have a gradual decrease in ovarian function and decrease in the amount of estrogen, have degeneration of the fascia around the intimate area, decrease in muscle tone, and atrophy of the mucosa.


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