Endocrine Regulation


CB Femi herbalists will regulate the blood flow, nourish the whole body with essence and blood, and promote blood circulation from the inside out.

Why do you need endocrine regulation after childbirth?

Endocrine is the regulator of human physiological functions and regulates the metabolism and physiological functions of the body together with the nervous system. During the second trimester, endocrine secretions such as thyroid hormone, corticosteroid, and estrogen brassica increase in the mother’s body, while these hormones drop rapidly after delivery, disrupting the balance in the body and leading to endocrine disorders. This is usually accompanied by symptoms such as high mood swings, nutritional deficiencies, abnormal leucorrhea, and acne.

How do CB Femi’s herbalists help postpartum mothers regulate their endocrine system?

In TCM, maternal endocrine disorders are usually related to deficiency and stagnation of qi and blood; our TCM practitioners will regulate the blood flow, nourish the whole body with essence and promote blood circulation to provide comprehensive treatment from the inside out. To quickly restore the balance of endocrine after childbirth, you should also match with exercise conditioning to improve metabolism. Meanwhile, it is also important to ensure high-quality sleep. Good sleep will relieve psychological stress and make the skin smooth and delicate.