First-Time Breastfeeding


At CB Femi’s Health, our therapist helps postpartum mothers unblock their milk glands through special massage techniques.

What is First-Time Breastfeeding?

One of the biggest fears for new moms is milk blockage. For new moms breastfeeding for the first time, the sooner the milk glands are opened, the better. Usually, it should take place within 16 minutes to 2 hours after labour. If you are receiving a cesarean section, you should also try to open the milk glands within 24 hours.

How does CB Femi’s Health help?

Our professional lactation consultants will pay close attention to the postpartum mother’s physical condition and help you start breastfeeding as soon as possible. By providing a combination of hot compresses and professional massage sessions, we help open the milk glands and dissolve hard lumps.

At CB Femi’s Health, we teach new moms how to breastfeed correctly and answer questions related to breastfeeding. Together with professional equipment, we help mothers unclog their breasts as soon as possible, which not only helps to suck out sunken nipples through negative pressure but also helps to lengthen short, flat nipples so that babies can suck on them.

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