Gestational Diabetes Management


At CB Femi’s Health, we will prepare a professional control plan for moms, regularly monitor blood glucose and amniotic fluid levels, and develop a plan targeting these problems.


What is Gestational Diabetes Management?

Insulin controls the amount of glucose in the body. During pregnancy, the placenta releases high levels of pregnancy hormones that suppress insulin. If the body cannot make more insulin than it normally needs, the carbohydrates consumed cannot be converted into the right amount of blood sugar (glucose). When blood sugar is excessive, diabetes develops. Controlling blood sugar while meeting the nutritional needs of pregnancy and ensuring the normal development of the fetus is a common challenge for all nutritionists and moms.

How does CB Femi help?

CB Femi will develop a professional and attentive control program for mothers and will regularly and regularly monitor all indicators of pregnancy, including:

  • Blood Glucose Monitoring
  • Infection Monitoring
  • Hypertension Monitoring
  • Diabetic Ketoacidosis Symptoms Monitoring
  • Excessive Amniotic Fluid & Complications Monitoring


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