LPG Body Slim


LPG Body Slim CELLU M6 is an innovative LPG brand anti-cellulite technology that is effective for tailor-made beauty. The effects are proven and long-lasting.

Why do you need LPG Body Slim?

Although you need to rely on food to supplement nutrition during pregnancy, you must also maintain a limit; many mothers accidentally exceed this limit, resulting in obesity, not only for the pregnant woman herself not good also for the fetus in the womb.

Thanks to the new Alliance patent, which combines a motorized roller and valve, the endermologie technique delivers on the skin’s surface a stimulation that is more intense, precise, and pleasant to reactivate the natural physiological processes deeply. Help moms stay fit.

The new LPG Alliance has three main advantages:

  1. It is more efficient and provides faster results for the customer
  2. It is even more comfortable and feels more like a manual massage
  3. The movements are easier and less tiring for the therapist

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