Pelvic Bone Recovery



Why is pelvic bone recovery so important?

Whether having a vaginal delivery or C-section, new moms will experience pelvic laxity after giving birth. Postpartum pelvic laxity can bring many hidden problems to new moms if not well recovered. The most typical symptoms include change of body shape, bloated abdomen, wider and larger hips, sagging hips, X- or O-shaped legs, gynecological problems caused by sagging organs, waist pain, asymmetry on both sides of the waist, and more.

When should you receive pelvic bone recovery?

If the pubic symphysis separation distance is still more than 1 cm after 8 months postpartum, the body may suffer from back and leg pain along with other symptoms.

What do we do to help recover pelvic?

At CB Femi, we adopt an approach that combines techniques and instruments to achieve the best recovery result. Firstly, we correct various pelvic problems through techniques, including stock tilt, rotational outward shift, anterior and posterior tilt, pubic symphysis separation, and more. Then, we use a postpartum multifunctional training instrument to accelerate the postpartum posture recovery, adjust body gesture and pelvis, improve diastasis recti issues, and allow the pelvis to return to the prenatal state more quickly.

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