Postpartum Meridian Massage


CB Femi’s Health Meridian Massage session is designed for postpartum moms with discomfort caused by blocked meridians. The program uses professional techniques to massage and unblock the meridians of the whole body, together with the meridian therapy instrument, to unblock from the deepest level to treat discomfort.

Why should you receive a meridian massage after giving birth?

Postnatal mothers suffer from a large amount of bleeding during labour, resulting in a deficit of both Qi and blood, slowing down blood circulation and causing blockages in the body meridians. Postpartum weight gain, weakness, and sweating, fear of cold and other symptoms will also appear. It has become accepted in Chinese and Western medicine that postpartum weight gain is not so much due to overeating, but because the body can not discharge waste properly. Chinese medicine believes that many meridians and acupuncture points in the human body correspond to the organs and parts of the body, and meridians are one of the best channels for metabolizing waste in the human body.

When should you receive a meridian massage after giving birth?

Without timely postpartum conditioning, new moms will easily suffer from back pain, sore legs, and feet, irregular menstruation and other symptoms. In serious cases, it may even lead to breast cancer and uterine tumors, which can endanger one’s health. Meridian toning can help moms quickly unblock their meridians and tone their bodies. This treatment can help postpartum mothers quickly unblock their meridians, tonify their bodies and eliminate toxins. Combined with daily regimen, it will be more effective and more suitable for moms.

Receiving timely conditioning within 30 days after giving birth will restore the balance and fullness of qi and blood, promote milk secretion, and improve breastfeeding quality.

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