Shoulder & Neck Physiotherapy


Correcting round shoulder hunchback is a combination of manipulation and instrumentation that can help improve round shoulder hunchback, oversized pectoral muscles, and shoulder probing caused by long-term improper posture or wrong training.

Why postpartum mothers need Shoulder & Neck Physiotherapy?

Postpartum shoulder and neck physiotherapy not only can play a role in unblocking the meridians, but also has the effect of activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, which can help improve and relieve shoulder and neck muscle fatigue and stiffness pain. This session also helps to improve the nervous state, relax the nerves and promote local blood circulation, which is more suitable for people with neck and shoulder pain and cervical spondylosis.

Effectiveness of Shoulder & Neck Physiotherapy:

  1. Relaxes nerves, promotes blood circulation and relieves shoulder and neck pain.
  2. Improves insomnia, dreaminess and mental weakness.
  3. Improves nervousness, stagnant mental state. Improves immunity and subhealth issues.
  4. Prevents frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) and cervical spondylosis. Improves dry, lusterless, spotty skin caused by metabolism stagnation.