What is TCM conditioning?

Chinese medicine is a precious treasure handed down from generation to generation by Chinese ancestors and has a history of thousands of years. Based on the theory of the five elements of yin and yang, the human body is seen as a unity of qi, form and spirit. By means of observation, diagnosis, examination, manipulation and calculation of the five movements and six qi, we analyze the balance of yin and yang, the state of the five internal organs, qi, blood, meridians, tendons, bones and veins of the person being examined.

What are the effects of pregnancy on women?

There are many physiological changes in women during pregnancy. Especially women who give birth for the first time are prone to symptoms such as postpartum qi and blood deficiency, which manifests as pale face, mental fatigue, dizziness and weakness after delivery. In TCM theory, if a woman’s blood is sufficient, her skin will be nourished enough to look firm and plump, and her complexion will be bright. The reason Chinese women have “postpartum confinement” is in order to let new moms have sufficient rest after delivery.  

What are the advantages of TCM conditioning?

At CB Femi’s Health, our registered senior Chinese medicine practitioner prepares specific postpartum meals according to each mom’s individual constitution to help you recover as soon as possible. We offer a variety of targeted toning directions, such as sweating and detoxication, body toning, back pain toning, endocrine toning, uterine stasis clearing and other intimate care. We use Traditional Chinese Medicine approaches to improve all aspects of new moms’ recovery needs.

Will taking Chinese medicine affect breastfeeding?

Generally speaking, the first stage of postpartum recovery will focus on generating new blood and resolving blood stasis. The second stage focuses on strengthening the spleen and kidneys, tonifying tendons and bones. Lastly, we aim for nourishing qi and blood. Other special care is needed for mastitis, breastfeeding, and withdrawal of milk. Most of the herbs we use are of mild nourishing effects with little to no bitter taste and will not affect the taste of breast milk.

Our TCM Therapy Programs
Blood And Organ Toning
In the case of qi and blood deficiency, the first step is to nourish the spleen and stomach, then the liver and blood. CB Femi's Health's unique regimen combines both internal and external treatment. Under the guidance of a professional herbalist, we develop custom treatment plans based on each individual's constitution. The program generally helps moms to regain their vitality through diet, medication, massage and relaxation.

In addition, excessive emotional changes can also affect the internal organs and qi and blood. Therefore, it is important for new moms to relax, take good rest, avoid straining and overeating. Combined with internal and external conditioning, we help you to cultivate a relaxed and healthy body and mind.
Back Pain Treatment​
Due to the relaxation of the spine, bone and joint ligaments during pregnancy, the decrease of muscle ligament elasticity, and the endocrine system will not recover quickly after delivery, the pelvic ligaments and muscles are loose and weak, and the uterus is not completely reset. All of the above mentioned health issues are the reasons why postpartum moms are often plagued by back pain.

Our professional TCM physiotherapists help moms to relax the tendons and blood, clear heat and toxins, disperse stasis and dispel dampness, and promote blood circulation from manual massage of acupuncture points, moxibustion conditioning and medicinal food conditioning. Sometimes back pain can also be related to calcium deficiency, so we focus on providing calcium-rich foods in the medicinal diet. It is recommended that new moms get more sunshine to promote calcium absorption so that you can also provide enough calcium to babies when breastfeeding. Postpartum lumbar conditioning can be beneficial for future prevention and treatment of various ailments, slowing down aging and improve overall health in the long run.
Endocrine Regulation​
Endocrine is the regulator of human physiological functions and regulates the metabolism and physiological functions of the body together with the nervous system. During the second trimester, endocrine secretions such as thyroid hormone, corticosteroid and estrogen brassica increase in the mother's body, while these hormones drop rapidly after delivery, disrupting the balance in the body and leading to endocrine disorders. This is usually accompanied by symptoms such as high mood swings, nutritional deficiencies, abnormal leucorrhea, and acne.

In TCM, maternal endocrine disorders are usually related to deficiency and stagnation of qi and blood, our TCM practitioners will regulate the blood flow, nourish the whole body with essence and promote blood circulation to provide comprehensive treatment from the inside out.

To quickly restore the balance of endocrine after childbirth, you should also match with exercise conditioning to improve metabolism. Meanwhile, it is also important to ensure high quality sleep. A good sleep will relieve psychological stress and even make the skin smooth and delicate.
Personalized Postpartum Recovery Solution
Many mothers experience some physical discomfort after giving birth, such as dizziness, fatigue, abdominal pain, constipation, and insufficient postpartum discharge. They are also worried that Western medicine may affect breastfeeding. In this case, Chinese medicine diets and massages would be your best choice.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has a long history of several thousand years, with its own well-established theoretical foundation and therapeutic approach, emphasizing the high harmony between people and nature, holistic and dialectical treatment, and treating both symptoms and root causes. Our special guest Chinese physician is skilled in treating various difficult and complicated cases, chronic diseases, and gynecological diseases, not only with Chinese herbal medicine, but also with non-medicinal therapies, such as acupuncture, cupping, and moxibustion. You can book a 1-on-1 personalized health treatment session in advance with us to secure your spot. Moreover, based on your physical condition, we will provide special health guidance and tailored plans to help you recover and maintain health wellbeing.